Australian designed Bathymetric boats.
Your total bathy solution!
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RTK compatible
Controlled via the Reach View app up to 60 km for RTK and up to 100 km for PPK.
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Traditional bathymetric
Bathymetric boats can be used in all terrestrial habitats
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McBathy© is an end-to-end solution and will quickly become your favourite tool.

McBathy© is a locally built and fully field-tested, remote-control Bathymetric system which has been built for use by land surveyors or others needing to collect accurate data in various
water bodies.

McBathy© includes all required hardware and operating software, this includes such great inclusions as mission planning, autopilot, loiter mode, live video, and also multiple redundancies
for collection of the bathy data

McBathy key features

Australian designed bathymetric boats, field tested and practically designed.

Our survey boat is an unmanned battery-powered remote operated tool that utilises high precision RTK GNSS and a dual frequency echosounder to conduct bathymetric surveys from 0.5 – 100 metres in depth. The advanced telemetry systems used allows for remotely-operated boat surveys with auto pilot which have practical ranges of up to 1km, with data transmitted to the shore in real-time and real-time video surveillance.
Our sonar systems ensure an accurate and reliable representation of features and are capable of accessing shallow and near-inaccessible areas and provide point clouds, underwater contours, 3D profiling.